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Ragam Penyakit Ginjal dan Penanganannya

Everyone that tofu kidney constitutes man vital organ. But not many person which know kidney exhaustively. It was caused to increase society care to know kidney that have big contribution in that human body still low.

Terminologicaling it, kidney disease be not been detected, suddenly while mengidap's someone that disease and experiences its phenomena therefore lie on middle zoom until chronic.

"That kidney have carefully been looked after. In consequence a no disease its phenomena, so if was troublesome therefore direct to paroxysm," clear doctor that also writer at one of blog that health.

Still terminological almamater that Sam Ratulangi's University, functioning kidney as tool of filtration, which is issue salt excess, water, and acid. And discarding or manages electrolyte as k, Ca, Mg, PO4, discarding body metabolite rest, and on call does sekresi to result EPO that functioning to manage Haemoglobin blood (HB), vitamin activation d. for bone health, and mensekresi renin to manage blood pressure.

Nah, kidney disease that suffered by that man split up becomes acute kidney disease, kronik's kidney disease, and renal failure. On prerenal's invasive case because of vein trouble before kidney input, one that marked by hipovolemia, sindroma hepatorenal, veined trouble, and sepsis sistemik.

Damage on that kidney network is alone, lanjut is this court man, because of ingoing poison via mouth, muscle network desolation. While hemolisis because of all sort disease as diseased as sickle cell and lupus. In contrast to glomerulonefritis acutely that a lot of because of SLE, streptokokus's germ effect infection tenggorokan and also tooth, etcetera.

Utilised answers permasalah that, therefore poison shall be avoided in order not to kidney damage happenings as avoid fetes or unknown herb its mechanism. Cure that is done without doctor consultation (e.g. purpose AINS or Ibuprofen, aminoglikosida's faction antibiotic and contrast), consume obatan cancers or kemoterapi, and imunosupresan also as trigger other causative diseased it.

Muscle network desolation kidney that extends to get because of accident, wound pricks to outgrow, type doctor purposes statin, stimulan, etcetera. On post renal's phase, urin who will come out to constrain by marks sense calculus, cancer, stone, blood that wads on kemih's channel, disease about nerve urinary, as spina bifida.

Terminologicaling it again, post renal's trouble is marked with stomach ache and diarrhoea, tired, effortless, bellyful and puke, sukar is concentrate, urin menurun's production, and oedema. Kidneys diseased cure acute get by undertaking been done consultation craftily it (nefrologist or urologist) well with primary healing and also secondary.

In contrast to PGA what do happen deep calculation days or Sunday, chronic kidney disease (PGK) having more process so long. "Cause of PGK for example glomerulonefritis, polikistik's kidney, infection, autoimun, etcetera. The number of times utilizes or without doctor consultation consume obatan asetaminofen, ibuprofen and tea pelangsing can also trigger this disease," its opens up.

Added by Scream, to measure condition of kidney health can be seen from kreatinin's rate, ureum, urin's protein, HB, and Klirens Kreatinin.

"Renal failure can thru prevent health check (medical check up) routine, including check urin and blood. Consuming water that adequately, avoiding tonic consumption or woolly herb, avoiding consumption obatan rampant, and shortly correct stonelike kidney trouble, prostate, etcetera," pungkasnya. How, have checked Your kidney health?

Perangi Anemia pada Penderita Penyakit Ginjal

Pdpersi, Jakarta One Of kekerapan what do happen on kidneys diseased patient be anaemia. Eventually, anaemia constitutes one of decreased tall risk factor logistic kidney, besides kerap evoke complication as heart disease, cardiac amplification, quality decrease lives and ability bethink, weakness, one that necessitate its patient rest at RS.

In consequence, anaemia shall be tacklinged. Professor explicit such Pathology In FKUI RSUPN Cipto Mangunkusumo Prof Dr Jose Roesma Phd SpPD KGH, in seminar ‘ Hemaglobin (Hb) one that Ideal for Living qualified ’, one that evened out by Foundation Her Trans Indonesia Jasmine (Yapadmi), week then.

Prof Jose says, anaemia constitutes its low indication hemaglobin (Hb) that someone proprietary. Ideally, on proprietary Hb man ranging among 12g / dl 16g / dl, meanwhile on surrounding woman 11g / dl 14g / dl. “But gyration among 11g / dl until 12g / dl was enough, since with Hb's zoom someone such a can live qualified.”

On kidneys diseased patient alone, its flat, Hb acts out momentous. Remember, Hb form a part of blood which functions to stream oxygen goes to all body network. If Hb less, therefore oxygen which is taken in deep particulate blood will decrease, eventually oxygen constitute food for network.

Alone kidney, Prof Jose's supplement, as network. If Hb less, will cause damage network. Eventually network results erythropoiesis or kerap was abbreviated BY EPO. EPO this is that stimulate blood production in bone marrow. Accordingly, rotasipun happens. Its reducing is blood production causes anaemia.

Actually, settling anaemia gets with adds asupan iron substance. On normal person, asupan this can be gotten by healthy eating pattern as add vegetable portion etcetera. But problem emerges on phase kidney patient lanjut (chronic renal failure) already at dialysis, because they shall given food diet.

To settle it, Prof Jose's supplement, can be done by gives suplemen iron substance. There is two tricks, which is with oral (drunk) and injection (intravenous iron). On suplemen with oral, its comments, can evoke bellyful effect on patient. In consequence, reputed trick correct which is via injection. “Better, injection application is done once in two weeks,” its revealing.

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